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Vision Statement


Northeastern USA – Ministry to Pastors

Our ministry center model offers two ministries for pastors in this place of hospitality located in the village of Ashuelot of Winchester, NH. Some pastors may need to connect with the body of Christ, and some need to just be alone with God in solitude. The truth is though, they may need both – Net2Church will provide both benefits simultaneously.

Most of the acreage in our mountain top ministry center is agricultural and wooded. Finding solitude on these majestic grounds or by spending time quietly in our Chapel or with our intercessors is all part of our ministry to pastors.

Additionally, the vision for a ministry center at Net2Church Global Ministries in New Hampshire includes introducing special worship events and activities that incorporate the seven fine arts into worship, as well as music, prayer, and scripture reading. Such events will help to keep our guest pastors well connected with the body of Christ for worship and fellowship.

The seven fine arts are music, dance, theater, painting, sculpture, architecture, print and digital media (includes poetry, literature, photography graphic arts, and printmaking). They are the most studied and recognized areas of the arts, and these worship events will be about giving our very best, creatively speaking, back to God, and sharing that with the body of Christ.

Global – Serving the body of Christ:

Our global vision is about the development and the deployment of  web-based communications platforms that will better connect the body of Christ for purposes of prayer, sharing testimonies, and as a general relationship building resource center.

Our global technical team will not only be building our own sites, but will build and manage sites for many other ministries and church groups around the globe.

Acts 26:16

Acts 26:16 (New King James Version)
But rise and stand on your feet; for I have appeared to you for this purpose, to make you a minister and a witness both of the things which you have seen and of the things which I will yet reveal to you.

Mission Statement

N2C Northeastern USA Mission

Pastor My Pastors – We are responding to a call for help. Pastors throughout the northeast are burned out, tired, and hurting. They give, and give, and give some more, often times with little rest. They stumble and fall like everyone else, but unlike everyone else, they sometimes lack opportunities of refreshing, or simply the love they need from the body of Christ. Sometimes activities and events of daily life can hinder or block the intimacy that they need to have with God, and they fall short of living the sinless lifestyle they expect from themselves. They have just merely lost their way, or they need something more.

Our mission is to reach out to pastors who need to get away for spiritual refreshing, and other spiritual needs. For some, N2C is a place to escape a day to day environment and daily activities. For others, they want to connect with brothers and sisters outside of their congregations and denominations, or even to reconnect with God. Whether they are needing to withdraw or reconnect, N2C will help.

Our proposed ministry center is being developed to help pastors get back on their spiritual feet by taking them out of their daily environment and routines long enough for them to relax and experience their oneness with God, and their oneness with the body of Christ without any outside distractions. A “spiritual hospital” of sorts.

N2C Global Mission

faviconBuild a Communications Tower – Prayer is the communication we have with God. The first team we are building at Net2Church is our prayer team. How could we have anything of significant value to offer others if we are not engaged in a lifestyle of prayer? This is first and foremost.

As we practice the presence of God through meditative prayer, tongues, reading of His Word, or just learning to be still, our internal “communications tower” is turned on. Prayer establishes intimacy with God, and an understanding of who we are in Him. Our chapel is a place where intercessors pray 24/7, and some that are called to a lifestyle of prayer will reside here, similar to a monastery.


We have learned that God communicates with each of us in our own unique ways. His message comes forth in nature, and in our own creativity, not just in words alone. He is a creative God, and He uses creativity as a love language. Therefore we hope to bring the fine arts back into worship, and showcase this worship style at our missions center.

Our indoor and outdoor pavilions, as well as the sprawling lawns will serve as our worship environment to host the many guests who come to experience the freedom of creative worship at the Net2Church missions center.


Our virtual platform will utilize digital A/V communication systems as well as interactive websites to develop global relationships throughout the body of Christ. Our missions center studios will broadcast live and our software will offer prerecorded sessions 24/7. Our tower will connect individuals, churches, committees, and other groups with members all around the world.

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