David R. Thayer

David R. Thayer

Hello, my name is David R. Thayer, and I would like to personally welcome you to the Net2Church Global Ministries website.

With so many different Christian churches, and each being slightly different from the next, can we learn to embrace denominational differences without prejudice or placing the need to be right ahead of the need to be loving?

If so, let us start by coming together in some small but meaningful ways, to make a sincere difference, having a positive influence upon our communities – not because of who we are, but because of who Christ is.

[See Luke 9:50; …And Jesus said unto him, “Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.” KJV]

Net2Church Global Ministries is always seeking to build this ministry with such people. People who don’t necessarily hang their hat on their organizational relationship, but rather upon their relationship with God Himself.

We are building volunteer based teams from Catholics to Messianic Jews, and Baptists to Pentecostals, and more. All with one common denominator. They know Jesus as their Lord and savior, or at least they desire to. Remember Luke 9:50 above?

We are always looking to find and engage like-hearted people on our teams. The N2C ministry operates in five key team based service groups. Prayer teams, counseling teams, technical teams, financial/business teams, ministry teams. It is really that simple.

We have two ministry purposes (see Vision/Purpose) that we are building our teams to serve God upon. One, as stated above, is to provide ways in which we can practice fellowship between all of God’s people. The other is to serve pastors in some very unique and loving ways.

We also do not intend on becoming a 501(c)3, or “non-profit” organization. Sometimes we work directly with specific churches to handle donations from their members, but we intend on operating as a tax-paying ministry/business entity should we make a profit.

Therefore, your donations when made directly to Net2Church are not deductible. That being said, if you need to take a deduction for your gift, you can donate through your church if your church agrees to write the check by your request, or simply call us to assist you.

“When” Net2Church launches a project will be determined by those who are called to serve God with us – who actually take action, by joining one of our teams. To believe in what someone else is doing, or even in what God is doing, and then actually becoming participants in that labor of love, are two completely different things. Our teams are made up of those who feel called to our ministry and have responded to His call.

Please take the time to learn more about Net2Church Global Ministries, and prayerfully consider joining with us to serve with the greater Christian community with open arms and a heart of love.

David R. Thayer, Director and Founder
Net2Church Global Ministries
29 Oak Street
Keene, NH USA 03431