Introducing Net2Church Global Ministries

Pastoral Care

A call to love – The primary ministry of Net2Church is the ministry for the spiritual caring of pastors. We are called to answer the call of the Lord to “pastor My pastors”. Net2Church staff, volunteers, and supporters across the northeastern USA are coming together to create a ministry center with this primary focus in mind.

In 2004, David R. Thayer responded to this call that he heard clearly in his heart. Net2Church Global Ministries was founded to care for pastors and to build strong communications systems between pastors, churches, and the general Body of Christ.

In 2016, N2C is seeking to establish it’s first pastoral care ministry center in the southern NH town of Winchester, on Scofield Mountain Road, at the facilities now known as Crestwood. This property was settled by Cyrus I. Scofield, as personal Chaplin for D.L. Moody, founder of the Mount Hermon School, in Northfield, MA.

Intercessory Prayer

A mini-monastery – The N2C ministry center will feature a chapel and a guest house providing men and women in the body of Christ who are called to a lifestyle of prayer with a place to come and practice this lifestyle at our ministry center.

Teams of intercessors, both men and women, will be praying around the clock seven days per week. N2C will provide housing, meals, and a stipend for those called to serve God through prayer.

We know of no other ministry that provides a monastery type system of support for both men and women serving God together in prayer. This is a first, to keep a chapel purposefully active 24/7 with prayers of both men and women in the Body of Christ, praying together in ministry teams, and being totally cared for by the ministry.

This vibrant ministry provides us with the spiritual backbone for all of the Net2Church ministries.

Creative Worship

Christian Art – Net2Church is committed to enable and encourage Christian artists to worship with and through their gifts as artists for Christ.

We are seeing a real need to connect artists, and we would like to begin this process across the northeastern USA and possibly expand this around the globe. Perhaps God will have us lead the way is this creative worship environment by embracing and networking Christian artists together, and providing open doors to practice “art in worship” for God’s glory.

Music and dance are already prevalent forms of worship in some churches, but we are looking to expand this into all of the seven fine arts, and see them all working together in a regional worship environment.

The fine arts include:

1. Architecture
2. Fine painting
3. Sculpture
4. Music
5. Dance
6. Drama
7. Print & Digital Media*

*Includes poetry, literature, photography, graphic arts, video, and printmaking.

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