David R. Thayer

David R. Thayer

~ December 2015 ~

Hello, my name is David R. Thayer, and I would like to personally welcome you to the Net2Church Global Ministries website. As we look forward to a new year, let us look forward with great expectation from God.

N2C is a Christian ministry. More of an in-reach ministry than outreach, although we often partner with other ministries who specifically are called to outreach. My personal calling is to build Net2Church with God and others (you?) according to the purpose and organizational model that He has shared with me. Therefore, this site is all about summarizing those details in an understandable manner.

I consider it my privilege to serve God and to walk with God, and to honor Him by not wavering on the general concepts of what I consider to be both my vision and my assignment. Although my personality type is such that I tend to make a joke about everything, I am soberly serious about Net2Church and building it His way and in His timing.

As you read through the pages and posts of this website, you will have to determine for yourself whether I am called by God, or whether I suffer from an extreme form of mental illness. You see, there is no middle ground. Christ Himself is either a cornerstone or a stumbling block, so N2C perhaps is my cross in this regard.

Net2Church has 2 general purposes and a unique “business” model. Some have come to us and said we have to do things differently regarding these details, but unfortunately, they have experienced resistance, ultimately leaving the ministry because they couldn’t do things their way.

Each time this happens, I am saddened, because Net2Church really needs their leadership, and in most ways we are extraordinarily flexible in accommodating the needs of leaders who are sent. You will learn more about this as you absorb the information on this site.

What needs to be clear is that I was sent out by local Christian leaders and pastors in the body of Christ to establish Net2Church Global Ministries, not by or through any Christian denominations. God gave me a ministry vision, He asked me to share it with various Christian leaders that I trusted across His body, and told me I could move forward if I had their blessing. I did that, and received unanimous approval by them.

With so many different Christian churches, and each being slightly different from the next, it seems we (meaning Christians in general) are still learning to embrace denominational differences, without prejudice or placing the need to be right ahead of the need to be loving.

Unity (not uniformity) is more than a concept for us at Net2Church. We are driven to include and embrace the body of Christ and see the value in His diversity. We aren’t necessarily expected to agree with everyone, just to love them and not consider them somehow “less” Christian.

Immediately  our mindset wants to focus on what about this, or what about that? I say, we must not be like those who brought the adulteress to Jesus, as we are all wrong about some things, and have no right to cast such stones. Let us start by coming together in some small but meaningful ways, to make a sincere difference, having a positive influence upon our communities – not because of who we are, but because of who Christ is, and because of who we are in HIM. Let His boundaries, and not our’s prevail.

[See Luke 9:50; …And Jesus said unto him, “Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.” KJV]

Net2Church Global Ministries is always seeking to build this ministry with such people. People who may but don’t necessarily hang their hat on their organizational relationship. People who are willing to place their highest trust upon their relationship with God Himself, and in His word, whether written, or otherwise expressed by Him. We should not be afraid of this, because the Spirit acknowledges the Spirit.

(Chapters: 1 John 4, 1 Corinthians 2)

We are building volunteer based teams from Catholics to Messianic Jews, and Baptists to Pentecostals, and more. All with one common denominator. They know Jesus as their Lord and savior, or at least they desire to. Remember Luke 9:50 above?

Net2Church functions as a volunteer based, and team based organization.

Net2Church Global Ministry operates from five key teams of people. Prayer teams, counseling teams, technical teams, financial/business teams, and ministry teams. What we do and how we do it is decided, planned, and established according to the leadership and direction of these teams.

We have two general ministry purposes (see Vision/Purpose).  These are the words I received in my spirit that drove me into ministry, “…build a communications tower, and pastor My pastors.” According to these purposes, Net2Church Global Ministries was established several months later, nearly twelve years ago.

The communications tower is symbolic, but I will say this, it is about edification, enabling, and loving one another through fellowship communication, and it is a global ministry.

The other directive is to serve pastors in some very unique and loving ways. Our initial assignment is regional, not global. This does not mean that our directive is not global, just our first assignment. We will be building the first pastors’ retreat center that serves the northeastern United States. A seven state assignment serving pastors in New England, and New York. The details are on this site.

We do not intend on becoming a 501(c)3, or “non-profit” organization anytime soon.

Therefore, your donations when made directly to Net2Church are not deductible. That being said, if you need to take a deduction for your gift, you can donate through your church if your church agrees to write the check by your request, or simply call us to assist you.

Please take the time to learn more about Net2Church Global Ministries, and prayerfully consider joining with us. We invite you to serve God and the greater Christian community with open arms and a heart of love.

David R. Thayer, Director and Founder
Net2Church Global Ministries
Keene, NH | Winchendon, MA

*** Note – the posts are published as a timeline and are listed in the right hand column. Please start from the bottom “Sword of Dominion” and work your way up to avoid confusion. – Dave